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International CSI Conference 2019

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to 「2019 International CSI Conference」.
Today, the field of forensic science based on cutting-edge technology is changing and developing rapidly.
In particular, facing the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, its importance is also growing based on knowledge fused with new technologies.
For this reason, once again, we cannot but realize that it is important to increase the credibility of forensic investigation and secure procedural justice.
The Korean National Police Agency will be holding this conference from October 21st to 23rd in order to discuss forensic investigation on the agenda of “Procedural Justice in Forensic Investigation.” with prominent forensic experts at home and abroad.
I hope this conference will give you a chance to explore the process and the nature of forensic investigation in a wide range of fields, such as fingerprints, DNA and forensic science.
We look forward to seeing you at 「2019 International CSI Conference」 where forensic investigation takes a leap forward.

Woo Jong Soo, Director General
Forensic Investigation Management Office, KNPA

International CSI Conference History

  • 1st International CSI Conference 2015
    • Agenda : CSI, the door to the world through the Korea
    • Date/Venu : 4th ~ 5th, Nov. 2015 / KBIZ Center, Seoul, Korea
    • Attendance : 1,500
  • 2nd International CSI Conference 2016
    • Agenda : Liveralization of the Legal Service Market & the Significance of the CSI
    • Date/Venu : 9th ~ 10th, Nov. 2016 / KBIZ Center, Seoul, Korea
    • Attendance : 950
  • 3rd International CSI Conference 2017
    • Agenda : CSI, For the Human Rights and the Truth
    • Date/Venu : 8th ~ 9th, Nov. 2017 / KBIZ Center, Seoul, Korea
    • Attendance : 950
  • 4th International CSI Conference 2018
    • Agenda : The 4th Industrial Revolution & The Furure of CSI”
    • Date/Venu : 6th ~ 7th, Nov. 2018 / KBIZ Center, Seoul, Korea
    • Attendance : 1,100